Crazy About Soccer

by Loris Lesynski

This new collection of poems by Loris Lesynski captures the joys, thrills, and challenges of one of the most popular sports in the schoolyard today. Rhythmic, funny verses reflect the game’s energy while offering sound suggestions for proper play. Crazy About Soccer, a collection full of twists, turns, and surprises, is sure to appeal to any reader who has ever played soccer, whether in cleats and a team shirt or in bare feet and--as in Shakespeare’s day-- with a pig’s bladder for a ball! Wonderfully ridiculous and genuinely funny artwork complements the bouncy poems. Included is a page of poems written by kids.

Loris Lesynski Author Biography

I live in Toronto, Ontario. I am always curious about other people’s lives — how they became artists or accountants, truck drivers or truck designers. Here is some information about my childhood: My Dad was born in Poland; he was a toolmaker. My Mum was born in Finland. She worked as nurse, loved to read and garden. She said at three years of age I loved talking, drawing, books, friends, cats and vanilla ice cream – and none of that has ever changed!