Jack the Bear

by Christina Leist

Nosy Fox thinks Jack the Bear is just sitting under a tree and eating his honey with Grumpy Squirrel. But Brainy Owl says that Jack the Bear is making the world a better place. How can that be? This thought-provoking picture book about simple acts of kindness features unique illustrations painted on recycled paper shopping bags.

When I work on a book, I imagine meeting up with the characters, laughing with them over funny jokes and being in awe when shown around their world. My mind gets to go on the wildest adventures! I hope you also will be having fun imagining when reading the nominated books of this year's Rain Forest of Reading. Happy adventures!

Christina Leist Author Biography

Christina grew up in Frankfurt, Germany. After graduating from university, she worked as an Art Director in advertising agencies. In 2005, she moved to Canada’s rainy but very green west coast province of British Columbia. In Vancouver, where she now lives, Christina divides her time between graphic design and writing and illustrating childrens’ books. Her books have gained wide recognition and several have earned award nominations. Whenever she can, Christina enjoys playing with her family of friends in their own Rainforest of Reading.