Skink on the Brink

by Lisa Dalrymple

Stewie is a very special skink — he has a beautiful blue tail which gives him a superpower against his enemies. Stewie loves singing his songs and rhymes as he dashes around his home. But as he grows up his beautiful blue tail starts to turn grey — he can't call himself Stewie the Blue anymore! And without his rhymes, his home by the pond doesn't feel as special either. A new Tell-Me-More Storybook about self-esteem, change, and growing up. Includes non-fiction back matter with bonus information and activities.
"I'm Stewie the Blue!" he'd shout over the pond. And he would make up little songs as he darted through the woods.
I'm Stewie.
I'm blue-y.
It really is true-y.
I like to eat crickets and centipedes chewy.

Lisa Dalrymple Author Biography

I now live with my family in Fergus, Ontario. In the past, I’ve lived with chickens in South Korea, cats in Scotland, lizards in Thailand and my two sisters in England. I have never EVER lived with a Polar Bear. I’ve been swimming with sharks in Thailand. I’ve been swimming (and piranha fishing!) in the Amazon River. My biggest fear in the world is swimming in water where I can’t see what’s swimming around my feet. I love to travel and I believe I should always try the new things people offer me when I’m visiting. This means I’ve tasted cockroaches, deep-fried grasshoppers, octopus head, haggis, silkworm larva, guinea pig and, of course, piranha. (None of these things taste like chicken!) My husband & I have 3 crazy kids but there won’t be any more. We made sure the initials of their names spell E N D.

Suzanne Del Rizzo Illustrator Biography

I have been sculpting, painting and creating art in any medium where I could get my hands messy since I was young. I was one of those “think outside the box” types full of curiosity with a vivid imagination that attracted me to both art and science.

I took a bit of a meandering path to get to where I am today, but the self discovery along the way shaped me into the artist I am today. I earned a B.Sc.H in Life Sciences from Queen’s University and worked at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute prior to having my 4 children. I traded pipettes and test tubes for clay sculpting tools and plasticine and made the exciting leap into a career in illustration.

I create dimensional illustrations using plasticine and sometimes polymer clay. I enjoy the challenge of rendering texture and detail in such a malleable medium.

Skink on the Brink, is my debut picture book.