Today Maybe

by Dominique Demers

Today, Maybe is a story about a little girl who is waiting for someone, a friend. She doesn't yet know who it will be. In a series of surprising and humorous encounters, several well-known characters of children's literature arrive at her door. With her bird to keep her company and hope filling her heart, months pass as she waits and waits. When there is a scratch at the door one night, certainty fills the little girl's heart, and she opens the door to discover true friendship is indeed worth waiting for.

Dominique Demers Author Biography

Dominique Demers has a PhD in children’s literature and has written nearly thirty books to date. Many of her stories have become films. Dominique taught children’s literature at the Université du Québec à Montréal and enjoys presenting at conferences across Canada on the joy of reading. In 2004, Dominique was awarded the Order of Canada. She lives in Montréal with her very small dog, Poucet.