Bruno and the Bees

by Sylvie Daigneault

Bruno's found a new friend. She has shiny black eyes and a crown on her head, and she looks really important. Turns out she is really important – she's Queen Bee and she rules a royal court with thousands of bees. Now, the honey that bees make is just about Bruno's favourite thing in the world. So, dreaming of the mountains of honey he will find at the Queen Bee's castle, Bruno follows her home and pokes his big curious nose right into her nest. Unfortunately, he doesn't see the guard bees gathering for an attack until it's too late! Now it's up to Bruno to apologize for disturbing the bees. How hard could that be? If only Bruno wasn't so accident-prone...

Sylvie Daigneault Author Biography

Sylvie Daigneault is a rare talent: a gifted illustrator who also writes winning children's books. Her first effort as an author/illustrator was Bruno in the Snow - an immediate bestseller that left children wanting more stories about that irrepressible young bear. Bruno Springs Up and Bruno and the Bees delight audiences as they follow his adventures through the seasons. Sylvie is also the illustrator of Mama's Bed and Sarah Saw a Blue Macaw by Jo Ellen Bogart and Mother Nature Takes a Vacation by Lydia Bailey. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, Doug Panton, who is an illustrator himself and the art director of the Bruno the Bear book series.