Bruno Springs Up

by Sylvie Daigneault

Bruno has been asleep all winter, but now that the birds have woken him up, he can’t wait to go exploring again. But where are his partners in mischief, Leo and Leah? Bruno is puzzled to find that their house is boarded up and abandoned. Always curious, he sets off in search of his rabbit friends. But when Bruno finally finds them after many adventures in the forest, he discovers that they have a few more surprises in store for him!

Sylvie Daigneault Author Biography

Multi-talented Sylvie Daigneault studied painting at Montreal’s Les Ecoles des Beaux Arts and was also a principal dancer of Le Groupe de la Nouvelle Aire. Her lyrical imagery beautifully combines the elegance of her drawing and dance disciplines. Along with her husband and fellow illustrator Doug Panton, Sylvie settled in Toronto to build her illustration career. Her work, exclusively rendered in colored pencils, has been published numerous times in several countries. Her clients include the Royal Canadian Mint, The National Ballet of Canada, and the MTA in NYC. In addition to seeing her work in print, Sylvie is presently working toward showing in fine art galleries.