Hungry For Math

by Kari-Lynn Winters & Lori Sherritt-Fleming

He was hungry for math, always ready to munch. Math for his breakfast. Math for his lunch. Add some fun to your math with Hungry for Math: Poems to Munch On, a collection of delightful and delectable math poems! With a cast of quirky characters like like the Spendosaur and fifty rot-TEN dragons, concepts like symmetry, patterns, money, skip-counting, shapes and time all come to life.

Rainforest of Reading

Readers' Choice Award

2015/2016 in Saint Lucia for Grade 5
Rainforest of Reading Readers
Kari-Lynn Winters & Lori Sherritt-Fleming Author Biography

Kari-Lynn Winters is a picture book author, poet, and performer. She enjoys being in the classroom in any capacity, as a presenter, a teacher, or as a student. Kari didn’t always consider herself a writer. In fact, many of her elementary school years were spent struggling to write. It was her love of storytelling, theatre, and children’s literature that brought Kari to try her skills at writing. Kari-Lynn is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Lori Sherritt-Fleming is from a family Irish storytellers. She has been a story collector, writer and editor for several community and city wide heritage groups. Lori is the founder and producer of Vancouver’s Tickle Trunk Players theatre for literacy troupe and performs regularly with them. She is a lover of all things dramatic and literary and thrives on fostering the creative spirit in everyone she encounters.

Peggy Collins Illustrator Biography

Peggy Collins is a momma, artist, creator, writer, and college professor. She creates multimedia work for books, animation and mostly just for fun. She has books translated into Chinese, Inuktitut, french and English and works with publishers all over the world. She loves to share stories, meet new people and explore new places. (and is unbelievably excited about this opportunity!