School Days Around the World

by Margriet Ruurs

Ana walks an hour to her school in Honduras. Johannes lives at a boarding school in Germany. In this book, you will meet fourteen students from around the world. Each of their school environments is different, but they all encourage children to learn and play. This informational picture book is based on real children who taught author Margriet Ruurs about their schools and inspired illustrator Alice Feagan to capture their experiences in lively artwork. With its engaging subject matter and additional materials for parents and teachers, School Days Around the World is a fun primer on schooling in different cultures.

Margriet Ruurs Author Biography

Margriet says: “I love to use my imagination and to dream up stories.” Margriet loves to work in schools - to tell children about being a writer and to share her love of playing with language. She loves writing poetry because it is such a powerful way to express yourself. She also enjoys writing nonfiction because researching a topic in which you are interested can be so much fun! Margriet’s books also include historical fiction, fictional picture books and books on writing for educators. Margriet, her husband and two sons have lived in many places - including California, Oregon, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon. They like hiking and camping in the mountains and traveling. Once they traveled for a whole year! Margriet conducts author visits to international schools around the world. But she also loves to stay home to write new books.

Alice Feagan Illustrator Biography

Alice Feagan is a freelance illustrator specializing in the unique medium of cut paper. Since completing her MFA in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, Alice has created work for the editorial, advertising and book markets. Her playful illustrations contain bold colors and a graphic style that make them appealing to children and adults alike. Influenced by folk art from her childhood as well as paper cutting techniques and traditions from different cultures, Alice fuses different techniques to create a new and fresh approach to the art of paper cutting.