Today is the Day

by Eric Walters

Mutanu is excited. As she goes about her chores, she thinks about the day to come and what surprises it might bring. For today is no ordinary day at the orphanage she lives in. Many of the orphans, like Mutanu, don’t know what day they were born and have never celebrated a birthday before. So every year, the orphanage honors its newest arrivals by creating a birthday day especially for them. From that moment forward, the orphans have a day that they know is theirs—a day to celebrate, a day to enjoy, a day to remember. And today is the day!

Based on real children in an orphanage in Kenya, this lovely story shows how something as simple as a birthday can mean so much to a child who has so little.

Eric Walters Author Biography

It all began in 1993 when Eric was teaching a Grade 5 class. His students were reluctant readers and writers and Eric began to write to encourage them to become more involved in literature. His first novel, Stand Your Ground, was created for this class. It is set in the school where Eric was teaching, Vista Heights Public School, and some of the features of the community of Streetsville, Ontario and many of the names of his students were incorporated into the story.

Since his first novel Eric has literally exploded on the children’s and young adult scene. Over the following years he has published over 80 more novels and picture books with more than ten scheduled for the coming years.

Eugenie Fernandes Illustrator Biography

My world is yellow and blue and green. I grew up on the beach. I painted with my father — comic-book illustrator Creig Flessel. We made up stories sitting on the front porch. Birds flew down from the sky and sat on my shoulder. Cats purred. Frogs hopped. I have always lived on islands... a house on Long Island, an apartment on Manhattan Island, a thatch hut on an island in the middle of the South Pacific, and now... I live and work in a little house... on a little island ... in a little lake in southern Ontario. Summer and winter... starting at the crack of dawn, I paint every day.

Sometimes, I write stories. Sometimes, I sell the stories. Then I paint again ... I paint my stories ... I paint other people’s stories. Sometimes, I paint paintings for myself ... abstract paintings ... big ... free ... Sunshine fills my studio. I am surrounded by water and birds and trees. My world is yellow and blue and green.

Eugenie graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She lives near Peterborough, Ontario.