I Love My Purse

by Belle DeMont

Charlie loves the bright red purse that his grandmother let him have. One day, he decides to take it to school. First his father, then his friends question him about his “strange” choice. After all, boys don’t carry purses. They point out that they, too, have things they like, but that doesn’t mean they go out in public wearing them. But Charlie isn’t deterred. Before long, his unselfconscious determination to carry a purse starts to affect those around him. His father puts on his favorite, though unconventional, Hawaiian shirt to go to work; his friend Charlotte paints her face, and the crossing guard wears a pair of sparkly shoes. Thanks to Charlie, everyone around him realizes that it isn’t always necessary to conform to societal norms. It’s more important to be true to yourself.

Belle DeMont Author Biography

Belle DeMont grew up in a creative household in the salt-licked city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her love of the make-believe started with imaginary friends and quickly moved on to made-up stories.

Belle attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she received her BFA with a specialization in drawing. Her inspiration comes from sources ranging as widely as the joys of childhood, the history of her native province—and everything in between. Belle happily spends most of her time making up stories and capturing them in drawings and words.

Sonja Wimmer Illustrator Biography

Sonja Wimmer lives with her family near the German Alps between two rivers and surrounded by forests. She loves to draw at the seaside, in the mountains, or in a café, catching ideas in the song of the water, the glance of a passerby, or at the bottom of a cup of coffee. For Sonja, illustrating means the opportunity to bring a little light to people, to move them, and to make them laugh, reflect, and dream.