I Want A Monster

by Elise Gravel

Winnie wants a monster! Some monsters smell like pirate feet and some might read your diary, but they are so darn cute! All Winnie’s friends have one. But how much do Oogly-Wumps eat? Don’t they ever sleep? Can monsters get lonely? I Want a Monster! is a humorous, energetic celebration of the responsibility and perfect for who’s ever longed for or loved a pet of any kind.

Elise Gravel Author Biography

I was born in Montreal in 1977 and started to draw not long after my birth. In kindergarten I was popular because I could draw princesses with long, spiral curls. Since then, I have written and illustrated more than 30 books. One of my books, won the Governor General’s Literary Award in the illustration category, and since then I’ve become really bigheaded and brag all the time!  I live with two daughters, my husband, cats, and a few spiders. My books have been translated into a dozen languages. I’m hoping to live a long life so that I can make many, many more books, because I still have many, many more ideas.