The Thing Lou Couldn't Do

by Ashley Spires

Lou and her friends are brave adventurers. They run faster than airplanes. They build mighty fortresses. They rescue wild animals. But one day, when they're looking for a ship to play pirates in, Lou's friend has an idea: Up there! The tree can be our ship! Ummm ...? says Lou. This is something new. Lou has never climbed a tree before, and she's sure she can't do it. So she tries to convince her friends to play a “not-up-a-tree” game. When that doesn't work, she comes up with reasons for not joining. Finally, she tells herself she doesn't want to climb the tree. But is that true, or is this brave adventurer just too afraid to try?

Ashley Spires Author Biography

Author and illustrator lives in Ladner, British Columbia. She is the creator of the Binky The Space Cat junior graphic novels, Small Saul and The Most Magnificent Thing, and Larf – all known for providing readers, young and old, with a good laugh. When not drawing, she is often jogs with her dog Gordon or wrangles her three cats, Penny, Fran and Gracie.