Where Oliver Fits

by Cale Atkinson

Oliver has always dreamed about where he will fit. Will he be in the mane of a unicorn? The tentacle of a pirate squid? The helmet of an astronaut? When he finally goes in search of his perfect place, he finds that trying to fit in is a lot harder than he thought. But like any puzzle, a little trial and error leads to a solution, and Oliver figures out exactly where he belongs. 

Where Oliver Fits is a sweet and funny story that explores all the highs and lows of learning to be yourself and shows that fitting in isn't always the best fit.

Cale Atkinson Author Biography

Cale Atkinson is an illustrator/writer/animator who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Believing in tea more than sleep, Cale is constantly working on numerous projects. His work can be found in children’s books, animated shorts, television, and games. Cale is the illustrator and author of Explorers of the Wild, To The Sea and Maxwell the Monkey Barber. Cale’s always looking for new and exciting projects that challenge his skills and allow him to grow creatively.