Stanley's Little Sister

by Linda Bailey

Stanley's home life goes crazy when he suddenly finds himself with a new, feline "sister." Making friends with this perplexing creature is not easy. Stanley's big, friendly sniff is met with an abrupt THWACK! from the cat's paw. "ROWP!" yelps Stanley. No fair! Even less fair is the way his people blame him for causing trouble when all he's trying to do is make friends! Is it Stanley's fault the cat doesn't understand dog talk? Given time and a bit of mutual understanding, can peace and purring reign in Stanley's house? Young readers familiar with the "dog's eye view" of Stanley and his world will rejoice at the addition of Fluffy the cat.

Linda Bailey Author Biography

Linda Bailey has written more than two dozen books for children, including five about a goofy dog named Stanley —most recently, Stanley’s Little Sister. Linda’s books have won many prizes including the California Young Readers' Medal, the Georgia Storybook Award and the Blue Spruce and Silver Birch Awards in Ontario, Canada. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she loves to travel and has been thrilled to see her books published around the world. She has two grown daughters, Lia and Tess, and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia within strolling distance of the Pacific ocean.