by Celia Godkin

High in the sky a peregrine falcon and her mate swoop and dive, celebrating a new spring and the chance to raise a new clutch of eggs. But this spring’s eggs are under threat. The pesticide DDT has made the flacon’s eggshells thin and delicate. Very few chicks are hatching in the wild. Skydiver is the story of one family of peregrine falcons–and of the miraculous effort by experts and volunteers from across a continent, who came together to save the fastest bird in the world.

Celia Godkin Author Biography

Born 1948 in London, England, Celia moved with her family to Brazil when she was two years old. After a number of years working as a biologist Celia decided to go back to school to train as a scientific illustrator. She completed the diploma course at the Ontario College of Art and an illustrated Master’s thesis in zoology at the University of Toronto. Celia has taught adult art classes and is the recipient of two teaching awards from the University of Toronto. Celia is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada, the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers and the Canadian Children’s Book Centre. In 2004, after many years of living in Toronto, Celia and her husband, O. John Hawkins, moved to Eastern Ontario. She continues working on books and designing coins for the Royal Canadian Mint.