Gerbil Uncurled

by Alison Hughes

Little Gerbil has learned all of the important Gerbil Mottos from Grandpa: Always Keep Your Whiskers Clean, Celery Tops Come to Those Who Wait, etc..

But there is one motto that Little Gerbil just can't manage to keep: Curl Up Nose to Toes when it comes time to go to sleep. At the weekly Gerbil Circle meeting she knows she has to tell the truth. Little Gerbil discovers that she is not the only one that has problems following some of the Gerbil Mottos.

Alison Hughes Author Biography

I write in all genres of children's literature, and short stories, too. Humour tends to be a common theme in my writing, probably because laughter seems to me to be more essential to survival than eating leafy greens. I love working with children, and have presented in schools and libraries in Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Our home is a busy one, but I can often be found happily typing at my computer with a cup of tea, some chocolate and three loudly-snoring dogs by my side.

Suzanne Del Rizzo Illustrator Biography

Suzanne Del Rizzo traded her job in scientific research for a career in illustration with her first picture book, Skink on the Brink, which won the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award and was a finalist for the Rainforest of Reading Award. Suzanne’s dimensional illustrations use Plasticine, polymer clay, and other mixed media to bring rich texture and imagination to her books, including Gerbil, Uncurled which was nominated for the Rainforest of Reading Award, and her most recent picture book Sky Pig. With the upcoming picture book, My Beautiful Birds, Suzanne launches herself as both author and illustrator for the first time. She lives in Oakville, Ontario.